Thursday, September 30, 2010

♥ Happy Birthday Bubba ♥

Happy 26th birthday to our 'baby boy'!!!
Yes, he is a man now, but will always be Ma's 'boy'...
Much has changed in 26 years and he will soon take a wife!
He continues to amaze me as strong, independent &
considerate person
I know that his future is so bright
and look forward to his continued successes!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Never Drive Faster Than Your Guardian Angels Can Fly!!

I think we have all seen the bumper stickers or
license plate holder...

If you have EVER doubted the truth of this saying,
let me be the first to confirm MY belief!!!

Dear husband was hunting out of state (600+ miles) and
on his way home ...
Imagine being at work and receiving a call from your loved one
reporting that they had been run off the road
by an another car who's driver was driving too fast
and down the center of the road!
Dear husband crawled out of his vehicle that had rolled into a ditch
and was rescued by a good samaritan who had seen the same crazy driver!
The crazy driver did not stop...

This is the truck we used to own:

This is where the truck and dear husband ended up...

This is what was pulled from the ditch...Dear husband is back home now and recovering from a very sore back and shoulder, but HOME. With ME. In One Piece...

To me this event is simply full of several indicators that guardian angels were with my husband on that day ! Besides the fact that he is one of THE consumate safe drivers and did what he had to do to prevent a collision with the other vehicle, someone was surely keeping him safe.

For that I am a VERY grateful wife ♥