Sunday, May 27, 2012

Here I am!!!

It has been a bit, but I think of you all often! 
May be a bit long-ish post, but I'll try to bring you up to date.

I, along with dear daughter, son-in-law and my friend Shelley
ran the inagural 'Running of the Elk' in our hometown of Elk Grove, CA.
This was my 3rd half marathon of the season...

 Baby girl turned 5 months!
She is just the light of our lives...

 With Spring's arrival came the return of our dove family!!
This is Momma dove's second year visiting, last year she had six hatches...
Each hatch produced two babes!
These two are her first of this season!!

 Another month passed...  Baby Girl turned 6 months!!
She is riding a rocking horse made by my parents for her Momma
when she was a baby!!!
So happy I held on to it and got these shots...

 This shot makes me SO happy!
Momma dove returned... We thought she would not ~
After the previous shot of her new babes something
snatched them from the nest :-(
We have secured a safer planter for her and added shades
to hide her & her babies from predators!!!

 A little photo shoot at a local ranch
afforded me these gorgeous shots of a wheat field.

Hope you are enjoying your Spring/Summer...  Summer vacation has begun for kids already!!