Thursday, May 19, 2011

♥ Happy 4th wedding anniversary ♥

Happy Anniversary Erin & Chris
Best wishes to our beautiful daughter
and her handsome Prince Charming!!

Dad & I have enjoyed watching your union
grow stronger each year -
We have seen the love in your eyes
as you support each other
not only through lifes daily challenges
but as you challenge yourselves both physically & mentally.
Again, congratulations and we look forward
to many more happy years for you
and the new addition to your family!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Thank You...

This was brought to my attention and
I felt it worthy to share...

Of course I am partial to the fire service,
but I'm sure you'll agree we owe the folks
a HUGE thank you!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Mother's Day...

A tribute to Mom...
Another Mother's Day and your memory fills my mind
I can't help but shed a tear as I drift back in time
You left me 6 years ago for peace in heaven above
So hard to let you go... Empty of a Mother's love ~
Mother's Day was for you, but now
that you are gone a hard day to get through
Somehow life goes on..
Mother's Day is not the same, nor will it ever be!
Your memory eases the pain, you live inside of me...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

4th 1/2 Marathon... In the books!

This weekend I ran and
completed my FOURTH half marathon!!!

This one will however be one for the books...
I was so blessed to have my daughter
and our future grandbaby running with me!!!

We had a wonderful morning and my daughter
is such an inspiration for me!!!

I struggled late in the run, but she was
supportive and I didn't want to dissapoint her
or myslef, so I pressed on ~

Here we are before the race:
Our friend Larry, Erin, Chris (SIL) & me

Dear daughter & I as we passed hubby
at the start...

Approaching the finish line... Erin is encouraging me to finish strong!

Almost there!!!

and here we are at the finish!!!
I finished with a time of 2:22:08...
Two minutes longer than my last half but
considering the 18 mph winds and semi-hilly course
I will proudly wear that time!!

Thank you again Sissy for all you do
and to the bean, thanks for the motivation
to stay strong & healthy!!! Love you two so much!!