Friday, April 30, 2010

Favorite Things - March & April

Dang it! I can't believe I skipped a month again ~
So, without further delay, here are my latest faves!!

I believe I have found the holy grail of snack foods! I adore chips! However I don't adore the saturated fats, calories, and preservatives found in most chips.
That is why I welcome this snack treat that is popped...
All the flavor and half the fat!!
If you know me you know about my love of anything BBQ'd!!!
Fortunately, Popchips come is BBQ flavor ♥ ♥

Ahhhhh, VitaminWater ZERO... How I love thee...
Here is great-tasting, healthy enhanced water that is packed with
nutrients with ZERO calories.
There are seven flavors; each with a variety of vitamins and minerals
my favorite is "RECOUP" a peach-mandarin flavor packed with B3, B5, B6 and B12!

Smartfood (popcorn clusters)
A Frito-Lay product made with no trans fats and packed with fiber and calcium.
The bags are a great treat for 100 calories!!

I couldn't make my list completely about FOOD!
Here is my most FAVORITE thing -
My amazing little family!!!

They are all healthy, happy and full of love & happiness

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Boston wrap-up!!

What a great time we had in Boston!!!
In addition to the excitement of having our daughter qualify/run/finish one of the most prestigious marathons, it was another wonderful family vacation.
We arrived to cloudy skies and rain, but the weather Gods saw to it that the days we needed great weather we had it!!

We took a water taxi from Boston's Logan airport across the Boston Harbor to our amazing hotel. It is the building in the middle; we had rooms on the 7th & 9th floors with views of the Fort Point channel. The hotel was close to the subway station (first time we had rode!!) and within walking distance of wonderful eatery called Flour Bakery & cafe.
Seriously a MUST go!!

We took in a Red Sox game!
It was rainy, wet and cold but we were bundled up and had come prepared.
We enjoyed seeing The Green Monstah and our local boy Dustin "The Destroyah" Pedroia.
Everyone but our daughter had the opportunity to run a 5k sponsored by
the Boston Athletic Association. We ran through the streets of downtown Boston and were treated to cross the same finish line that the marathoners would cross the very next day!! Our race had about 5,000 runners and the streets were lined with supporters along the route.

What an inspirational story this is of a father, Dick Hoyt, and his son, Rick, who compete together in marathons and triathlons across the country.
Do yourself a favor and visit their website,
listen to/read their story!!!

Here is our favorite marathon finisher!!!
We were able to take the subway to catch her at Mile 17 and cheer her towards the finish line.
Once she passed we hopped the subway again and headed
back downtown to catch her as she passed Mile 25.
There were quite possibly 10-15 people deep lining the streets at this point.
SO very difficult to get to the finish line and we hoped
to give her encouragement to make it the last mile,
but my future daughter-in-law was the only one to see her.
Boston puts on such a well organized, swiftly run event -
but then this IS the 114th running!!
Honestly, it was so amazing to see all of the hard work
that goes in to an event of this size;
there were 25,000+ runners!!!
Bravo!!! Boston Athletic Association and the Bostonian folks were very cordial too...

Here is our crew at the Boston Public Gardens...

Thank you Mr. Adams for the lovely tour and tasting!!!

Good bye Boston - Who knows when we will return...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

10k update & Walk to Remember

As seen in a post last year this run is very special to me...
This year I made it even more so; this was the year and the run that I completed a goal -
to run a 10k.

Waiting for start time
I had a really great run, passed the 5k split and continued on without a second thought. I knew that The Fireguy was waiting for me at the finsish line and was surprised by my dear daughter who showed up!! The two of them met me twice during the run to cheer and give me words of encouragement and support.

Still smiling!! I finished with a time of 1:07:43 ~ More than happy with this!! Now on to training for a half marathon...

New goal, 13.1 miles before I turn 50!!!

It has been one year since our community lost a brave citizen, Father, Son, Brother & Husband. Bryan's sister & parents organized an annual event for ALL service men & women who have lost their lives serving our Country. The plan was to get at least 100 people to walk, however it ended up with almost 700!!! It was a fantastic show of support and a wonderful day...

My daughter and her BFF, Kristi (the organizer of the event)Flags representing the USA, POW/MIA's & Wounded Warriors

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

*~* Happy 30th birthday Erin *~*

~ Happy Birthday Erin ~
Our first born, a daughter was born on a rainy Easter Sunday
30 years ago today!!
She has brought us more joy and happiness
than we ever imagined.
I made this video as a gift for her,
but I hope you will see what a gift SHE is!!!
~ You'll Always Be Our Little Girl ~
(P.S. Be sure to turn off the player at the bottom of the page)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

*~* 5 Years Ago *~*

~ I miss her ~
Today marks 5 years since I lost my Mom to cancer.
I am so grateful for the 45 years I was blessed with her love, guidance, support and knowledge.
I won't sit here and tell you that it is THE hardest event in life; to lose your Mother.
It was the hardest part of MY life.
We all suffer losses in life and to each one of us it is extremely personal.
I will carry her in my heart forever and I see her traits in myself and my children.
My Mom, Sister, Daughter & I
I hope you know Mom how my heart aches - it truly must be broken...
Even after 5 years I still have moments when I want to pick up the phone call and talk to you!
I continue to work hard to make you proud of me and to be the best that I can be.

Until we meet again Mom... I love you ~ Your Daughter