Wednesday, October 6, 2010

1/2 marathon #2!!!

Last Saturday I completed my 2nd half marathon
13.22 miles in 2:22:50
The day started with a light rain mist and the sun rose to overcast skies.
The weather remained cool (around lo 50 to hi 60) but
became quite humid as the morning progressed.
It was actually great running weather!

I had the great pleasure of having my daughter running by my side!
Erin is training for her first ultra marathon (30.1 miles) next month
and had already put in 22 miles the day before...
Bless her heart as she stayed with me at my pace
while we made our way along the course.
I had been working very hard at keeping myself
at my comfortable pace and running MY race
Any of you that have run in organized races
knows how tough that can be!!
Dear Retired Fireguy was our official photographer
as our son-in-law Chris was also running,
in addition to our new running friends Larry & Tina ~
Chris & Larry both had amazing finish times
for the half marathon and Tina had a fantastic finish
for her very first 5k!!!
After our accomplishments we all shared
great food & beverage in beautiful downtown Sacramento.
It was a wonderful day and it was great to socialize with
fellow running folks who we share the common bond of fitness with!!
The video below was put together for me by Larry who
ran back to Erin & I at about mile 12.5
(this after he had already finished his 13.1 miles!!!)
Larry ran along with me & Erin as the two of them
pushed me to make a strong finish :-)
I truly appreciate all of their positive input and encouragement!
Thanks guys...
Hope you enjoy watching my short video appearance below!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Another drawing to enter!!!!

Yes folks, Jenn over @ The Weir family
is sponsoring another drawing!!!
I told you previously how sweet she was,
and here is another example!!!

Jenn's latest drawing is for a $35 gift card to CSN stores/.com and you too can enter here.

Favorite Things - September

WOW! Here it is the end of another month!!
This month's installment of favorite things
is truly a hodge podge,
but that's what makes me interesting... HA!!!

Sourdough FAT FREE pretzel nuggets ~
These make a great mid-morning snack at work and
I have found that if I keep them in my lunch bag in the fridge
it makes them even MORE yummy!!

Now that I have increased my mileage for running
I'm finding it very important to stay hydrated and energized.
Dear husband found these Clif Bloks and I really like them!!
They are easier for me to manage while running than Gu
and I can enjoy them a bit longer...
I was able to upgrade my iPhone 3G to a 4 this month!!!
WooHooo!!! Love love lovin' it...
The graphics are far superior and it has
so many great features (far too many to list here), but if you can, DO IT!!!
If you do upgrade, and you have a
Radio Shack in the area go there for your upgrade...
Radio Shack has a trade-in program for iPhones!!
That's right... I was given $150 trade-in value on my 3G
which I applied to the purchase of my 4!
You really cannot beat that offer...
Radio Shack activated the phone
and I had backed up my iPhone 3G on iTunes
so when I brought the 4 home I only had to 'restore'
and all was back in working order!!!
Although summer is coming to an end, I wanted to share
a little sweetness with you!
I had heard so much about 'Sweet Tea' and went on a hunt to check it out.
I found that there are several versions of sweet tea
(alcoholic and non-alcoholic).
Me, well I was looking for the 'adult' version!
I found that Olde Savannah (love that name) had a really nice version.
Poured over ice it made for a nice treat for a warm afternoon...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Winn-ah! Winn-ah!

Recently one of my lovely bloggy friends
held a drawing for OutLast Hand Sanitizer,
which you can read more about here.
Lucky me, I was one of the drawing winners and
I will be able to try out this product!
Any of you that know me, know that I am a germ-a-phob
so this is SO perfect for me!!!
Thank you Jenn for hosting this drawing ♥
I strongly recommend you go check out Jenn's blog
to see her adorable children and her
awesome photographs! as she is an
amazing photographer too!!!