Monday, March 30, 2009

Week-end run update

First off, no that is not a picture of me! HA! In all of our excitement Erin & I completely forgot to take a before or after picture!

Sunday morning was simply awesome!!! The weather really was so great ~ Although just a little chilly heading to the start line we were soon warmed by the rising sun. This run was really a family oriented event and they had a fun run for the little kiddies before us big kids got to run.

The start of all races I have been in are oddly emotional for me! I get all tight chested and could just bawl... Strange, I know!

I started out really concentrating on my pace and settled in pretty well. Before I knew it I was passing the Mile 1 marker and when I checked my watch I could not believe my pace!! I was doing really well!

I did get a cramp in my side but got it under control and finished in just under 33 minutes!! YEAH ME!!!!

I crossed the finish line and saw my son-in-law Chris! He came down to Elk Grove after getting off shift to watch Erin & I ~ Barely 12 minutes later we watched Erin come flying across the finish line(she ran the 10K).

All in all it was a great time and it felt good to be back running and to prove to myself that I can do it. I am currently registered for 2 more 5K runs this Spring and will contemplate finishing a 10K by summer. My long range goal is to finish the Shamrock'n 1/2 marathon in 2010!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Name a book that changed your mind or opened your eyes

I really enjoy reading, I just have a hard time sitting down and doing it!

I'm one of those people that have to be doing something, all the time...

I am working on it tho' (smile)

Recently I heard about a book titled "A Complaint Free World" ~ I was so excited after reading the book that I found I wanted to walk up to people and preach this information!! This book is an excellent source for improving the ability to cope with life on life's terms. Seriously, it was so insightful!

Now, if you know me, you know that I try to find the good and the positive in everything. This book just gave my outlook validity ~

"Your thoughts create your world and your words indicate your thoughts. When you eliminate complaining from your life you will enjoy happier relationships, better health and greater prosperity."

The best quote from the book that I keep thinking about over and over:

If you don't like something change it.
If you can't change it, change your attitude!
DON'T COMPLAIN !!! ~ Maya Angelou

Check it out -

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Milestone week-end...

A short four years ago I was actively running and participating in 5k race events. I had become very comfortable with running and enjoyed it. My daughter Erin had begun running while attending grad school and it became one of the greatest times we shared!! We would get up early on run days, drive to the location and sit in the car under blankets, reading the paper and talking about strategies for the days run.

This Sunday, almost 4 years ago to the day, Erin & I ran in the local run "Nutrition Fuels Fitness".

We each had a great run that day and were excited to share the news with my Mom. She had been diagnosed with melanoma six months earlier and we made sure to visit her each week-end that Erin was home from school. It was this very day, early evening that my Mom was called to heaven.

I ran in only two races after that day and have struggled with exercising in general since. I have found joy in exercise again and the drive to push myself to be the best that I can be.

This week-end Erin & I will again participate in the "Nutrition Fuels Fitness" run. It will sort of be our memorial run in honor of my Mom.

Think of us this Sunday morning and send a lot of energy my way - I say me as a 10k run for Erin will be a piece of cake! Hehehe... I am really glad that we can share this special time again!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What gadget is at the top of your wish list?

I have been vacillating for some time on getting a new camera -

Mind you, I am not a photographer nor have I taken any photo classes I just LOVE pictures - GREAT PICTURES!!

I have done a bit of research on different cameras and which ones offers which features. My head was really spinning and still is over the information and I have yet to make a decision. Although I have it narrowed down to two I am struggling with the weight of the equipment. My thoughts are to be able to take this camera hiking, boating, etc. and I am concerned about hauling around a camera + lenses. I realize that 4-6 pounds isn't all that much but I have also taken some pretty terrific pictures with my iPhone that slips in my pocket! Not to mention our digital camera that is about the same size as my phone has given us some great shots.

So what say you? What gadgets are at the top of your wish list? What would you suggest I do?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Favorite Things - Mid March

I'm always looking for something new in coffee, saw Dunkin' Donuts at the local Wal-Mart and thought I would give it try. The commercials are a bit odd, but the coffee - WOW! they were true, they do make a great cup of coffee. I tried the original roast and the French Vanilla, of course I prefer the French Vanilla ~ I hesitate to say that I enjoyed this coffee much more than my Starbucks! Don't get me wrong I love me some SF vanilla soy latte's from our local Starbizzle!

A while back I attended a training session that offered Runts as an afternoon pick me up. I was immediatley hooked! I am not a big sweet eater, but these lightly coated sweet tarts really make me happy, I feel like I'm having a guilty-free treat. Low calories (60 in 12 pieces) too!!

Check back next month for another episode (thanks for the idea Erin!!) and get to know more about me and my favorite things ~

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck o' the Irish

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!!

I have a wee bit of Irish in my genes, while my husbands family is half Irish. As a result, both of my children carry Irish names and are very proud of their Irish heritage. My daughter married into an Irish family and her husband loves being Irish too!! Go figure that both kids had dreams of attending Notre Dame ~

I have done some research to understand the true meaning of St. Patrick's Day and will enlighten you all too!

St. Patrick's Day is the day that celebrates Saint Patrick, one of the patron saints of Ireland and is usually celebrated on March 17th. The day is the national holiday of Ireland. It is a bank holiday in Northern Ireland and a public holiday in the Republic of Ireland and Montserrat. In Canada, Great Britain, Australia, the United States and New Zealand, it is widely celebrated but is not an official holiday. The day usually falls during Lent; if it falls on a Friday of Lent (unless it is Good Friday), the obligation to abstain from eating meat can be lifted by the local bishop. The date is occasionally, yet controversially, moved by church authorities when

March 17 falls during Holy Week; this happened in 1940 when Saint Patrick's Day was observed on April 3 in order to avoid it coinciding with Palm Sunday, and happened again in 2008, having been observed on March 15.

Hopefully you enjoyed your March 17th history class - HA!!

As always, I will be making corned beef and cabbage in my crock pot for dinner - Hope you all enjoy the day!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Manboy in Blue...

This has been an emotional week-end for me - The highs of cheering on my daughter & son-in-law at the race, the mids of seeing how frail my Grandmother is becoming and the lows of recalling that one year ago today our 'little boy' packed up "Mocha" the Honda and headed to the Pacific Northwest where he began his career in law enforcement. We are so very proud of the man he has become and he has settled into his new home/life well, but I have to be honest, I miss seeing him terribly. I was fortunate this week to receive a package from my boy's girlfriend that included a CD full of pictures of him and his new psuedo family up North! Perfect timing!! I can look at his smiling face and just hear his laughter!! He has the most infectous laugh. He has been on several fun trips and has seen his share of snow this year ;-) Hoping to see you soon - Happy one year Bubba!!!

Shamrockin' Half Marathon

Steve & I woke up early this morning (4:45) to head to Raley Field. Our mission was to cheer on Erin & Chris as they ran today! Here they are before the race; the weather was a bit chilly and overcast, but no rain!! After seeing them off at the start line we headed to mile 6 (Tower Bridge) to see how things were going. At that time they were only about 5 minutes apart.

The finish line was full of anticipation as we waited for both to arrive on the playing field of the stadium. Raley Field is our local AAA baseball team field and is kept up very well!

Erin arrived with a finish time of ~1:35 with Chris coming in shortly after at ~1:45! Here they are after finishing and then we were off to a yummy breakfast at Capital Garage!

So proud of you two!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Fireguy!!

Tomorrow (yes Friday the 13th) marks the 52nd time that my Fireguy will celebrate his birthday.

This man is the light of my life and deserves every happiness that life can offer him. He had a rough childhood as his Father passed away when he was only 6 years old. For not having a secure male role model in his life, aside from his Grandfather he has been the greatest Father and role model for his children and me!

Although we give him a hard time for giving everyone 'classes' when you need to be shown how to do things, we love him to death :-)

I am surprising him tomorrow by taking the day off so I hope he doesn't jump an overtime shift! I hope we can go the American River Bike Trail or another favorite "secret spot" for some quiet time to enjoy the beautiful CA weather.

Happy Birthday Beano!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signs of Spring - Part II

Another sign of Spring is the clink of baseballs & softballs off of aluminum bats.
Since the time both of my kids were 7-8 years old we were at a either a softball/baseball practice or game easily three nights a week. If we were lucky, we were also at games on the week-ends too!
Since the kids are grown I realize how much I miss sitting in the bleachers or on a lawn chair rooting them on. Both of the kids were blessed with amazing athletic skills and were so much fun to watch play a sport they felt so passionately about.
Erin began playing first, obviously being the oldest. She, her Coach and the rest of her team allowed Tommy to be the bat boy for a couple of years until he was old enough to play himself. I'm sure that it was during this time that a very special bond was born between my two kids. Tommy would sit on the bench in the girls dugout and watch the game so intently; learning. When it was his turn to take the field for his own teams he took that knowledge and built on it. He was watched from the bleachers by his Sister; she too learning. There were many after game 'briefings' in our kitchen when the two kids would break down their games, each offering support and suggestions for the other.
Steve & I have taken in a couple of friends' kids ball games, it is so much fun to reflect on what a great family experience it was for us! I'll have a separate blog on some of those stories...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The signs of Spring ~

Most everywhere you look around town you will see the most gorgeous white blooms on several trees, including three in our very own backyard. I have to wonder how something so pretty can emit such a pungent odor??? I am reminded of many early Spring days sitting on the patio with our little family and my daughter would actually gag at the smell! Although we adore the shade of these same trees each Summer, we must endure their foull smell first!

More signs of Spring include the smell of freshly cut grass! Our neighborhood was filled with neatly groomed lawns as they were given a much needed mow this weekend. The Fireguy has been very diligent with fertilizing over the Winter which shows today!

Many of the local 'big box' hardware stores are displaying patio sets, umbrellas and awnings. We looked and looked for replacement chair cushions today but came up short. I may need to resort to internet purchases or (gasp) making them myself!!


We purchased a nice patio set when we moved here 8 years ago. The Fireguy then added a small tet-a-tet that matched and we put in the breakfast nook. We realized that we seldom use the small table & chairs and have moved them to the patio to see if we like the open area in the kitchen. I rather like the smaller table on the patio -

We are headed to shop for new cushions today for the large set, and then I would make covers for the small set.