Thursday, May 27, 2010

Favorite Things - May

Oh my goodness!
Can you believe it is nearing the end of another month!!
I am posting this a little early, since I tend to forget (wink wink)

Knocking live video is an iPhone app
that is like having a live mobile phone web cam.
See what I see, LIVE anywhere!!!
The ONLY thing missing with this app is sound...
but I'm sure Apple is working on it ~

Flip videocam...
is an easy to use, pocket-sized HD camcorder.
Our purchase came with the Flip Videocam,
rechargeable AA battery pack
(recharges when connected to USB);
HDMI cable (you connect to your HDTV & watch your videos)
and a carry case! A power adapter is sold separately.
The camcorder also functions with two standard AA batteries.
A convenient flip-out USB arm plugs
directly into your PC or Mac
to launch pre-loaded FlipShare™ software.
The software makes it easy to email videos,
edit individual clips, make custom movies,
capture still-image snapshots,
and upload video to Facebook, MySpace,
YouTube and other sharing sites.


♥ ♥ ♥ them!

It hasn't been warm enough just yet for full bloom

but they're coming!!!

I have two huge bushes lining my walkway to the front door

and I just adore the welcoming scent ~


Another fragrant favorite of mine ~

These little babies are popping out everywhere are here!!

Many folks use them as ground cover and

they make a lovely trellis also!!

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Katie-K said...

I love gardenia's! My grandma has always had them in her backyard and they smell so good!