Sunday, January 16, 2011

Holiday catch-up

This post is a bit late...
therefore a little long but I
wanted to update you on our holidays!
The week of Thanksgiving we traveled to Washington state
to visit our Son & his Fiance'.
Dear Daughter, Son-In-Law and granddog also came!
The day we arrived it was beginning to snow!
This was our view our first morning ~
The snow continued... For two days!!!
As you can see the roads made going anywhere impossible!
We were housebound due to the snow ~
Fortunately, we had enough iPhones, iPad
and laptops to go around.
These helped pass the time (Hehehe)!!!
Thanksgiving morning dear daughter, son-in-law and I
went for a run... in the snow!
It was amazing - The air was so fresh and
I loved how the snow sounded under my feet as we ran! A nice shot of the icicles left by the melting snow...
Next up was Christmas - My Sister hosted a brunch at her home ~
She always decorates so nicely...
Dear husband, me, my Sister and brother-in-law
Dear husband, me, my Dad's friend, my Dad
and dear Daughter
(son-in-law had a mandatory call back at work
and had to miss the festivities)
Me, my Sister and dear Daughter
My gorgeous 92 year-old Grandmother and our granddog...
The two of them were practically inseparable!
The day after Christmas we spent time with
dear Daughter & Son-in-Law
Dear Daughter & Son-in-Law
Although we were not able to spend Christmas with
#1 Son and his Fiance'
they were in our thoughts and in our hearts...
I trust you all had a wonderful holiday season
and enjoying the new year!!


Angie Vik said...

You have such a good looking family. Yay for getting snowed in with family. I love when everything stops because of snow and nobody goes anywhere. How fun that you all got to be together. Looks like you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

I love the holiday catch-up!!

Yay Hornings

Jenn said...

Beautiful family pictures!! What did we do before all these electronic devices?? Sheesh. My kids don't know any different. I'm sure the family time was just perfect being snowed in. I would like that!