Sunday, May 1, 2011

4th 1/2 Marathon... In the books!

This weekend I ran and
completed my FOURTH half marathon!!!

This one will however be one for the books...
I was so blessed to have my daughter
and our future grandbaby running with me!!!

We had a wonderful morning and my daughter
is such an inspiration for me!!!

I struggled late in the run, but she was
supportive and I didn't want to dissapoint her
or myslef, so I pressed on ~

Here we are before the race:
Our friend Larry, Erin, Chris (SIL) & me

Dear daughter & I as we passed hubby
at the start...

Approaching the finish line... Erin is encouraging me to finish strong!

Almost there!!!

and here we are at the finish!!!
I finished with a time of 2:22:08...
Two minutes longer than my last half but
considering the 18 mph winds and semi-hilly course
I will proudly wear that time!!

Thank you again Sissy for all you do
and to the bean, thanks for the motivation
to stay strong & healthy!!! Love you two so much!!


Jenn said...

Oh my goodness!!! That is awesome! You are such an encourager and I see where your daughter gets it from. Excellent run!!

Nicolasa said...

Way to go! I love this!

Brittany said...

Hey Leslee, that is wonderful, big congrats! What an accomplishment, you inspire me to try for something longer than 3.5 miles LOL! I did a 5k this morning b/f spin class...hoping if I can handle that then I should be able to make it through RFTC...right? :):) Can't wait to hear about the next one!

Mrs. V said...

Yay Momma Bear. You keep inspiring me as well to be the best Momma I can be ;) What a great day we had! ♥

Angie Vik said...

You're amazing. Good for you for finishing. Doesn't sound like fun to run in the wind. Now it's on to your next challenge I'm guessing.

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Awesome indeed!

I just gave you an award. Come check it out. Peace...Naila Moon

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Wow!!! You all are amazing! I can't imagine! Our younger daughter has run half marathons, but...I think the longest I have run has been 5 miles....that was years ago!

Blessings & Aloha!