Saturday, December 22, 2012

Backyard upgrade

We have been in our home for 12 years and when we moved in there were 5 very well established shade trees in the back/side yards.  Through time these trees began to lose branches, trunks and stability.  The time had come to overhaul the backyard; removing the trees and making the yard our own.
First up we had the trees removed & stumps ground and then dear hubs removed the existing lawn
  We made two mounds of three white birch trees
We originally planted lawn from seed, but that came in so sparse we laid sod.

Next, dear hubs laid pavers around the perimeter of the yard
Finally, we prepared a square foot garden!! 
We have planted a winter crop which is currently under cover
 and we have lettuce, arugala, basil and cilantro coming up!!!

This is something that we have talked about doing for so long and is so awesome to have it finally come to fruition!!! 
We are super excited to reap the benefits of growing our own food...
Our patio has always been a place that we enjoy spending time in
and now can enjoy it even more having made it 'our own'!!!
Thanks so much to my dear hubs who spent countless (I'm sure he has counted) hours
 making this project happen...  Love him!!!


Kristal said...

I looks great - love your square foot gardens too!

Tracy said...

Looks FABULOUS! Congrats...on all the but Cilantro. ICK! ;)

Anonymous said...
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Mimi said...

What a wonderful job! Wow!

Jenn said...

Oh wow!! Check out that garden. Yum yum!! Your yard looks fabulous. I love birch trees :)