Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Year In Running - 2013

Shoe Laces and Bibs

Linking up with the sweet Nicolasa at Shoelaces and Bibs for a look into the 2013 running year of others and to share mine!!!

1. My main goal for this 2013 was:
As always, my goal was to enjoy a healthy life!  Running affords me this and to realize what my body can do.

2. My Running Shoes: 
Started out with Hoka 11's (toe box too small which caused the lose of two toenails) then switched to Mizuno Alchemy Wave.  Will likely try out the Brooks Ghost in 2014

3. Favorite running gear item of 2013: 
GOSH!  I can't choose between my Garmin and my Apple shuffle...

4. Playlist screenshot: 
Shuffle has no play list, but my playlist is all over the place!  I have also found Rock My Run and they have some pretty awesome mixes that can be downloaded.

5. Number of races: Break it down:
Half - 3

6. Most difficult race & why:
Nike Women's - San Francisco  UGH!  The HILLS...

7. Favorite fun run: 
I have not run a 'fun' run to date

8. Favorite course: 
Big Sur Half in Monterey, CA

9. Race I want to do again next year: 
Seattle Rock n' Roll - It will be my 5th time!  Would run Big Sur again and I have entered the lottery for the NYC marathon, so we will see!

10. Best bling/shirt from a race:
Oh man, I love all of my bling, but for 2013 I'd say the Seattle Rock n' Roll.  The RnR series always have excellent bling!!

11. PR/PB: 2:36:47

12. Longest run: 13.1

13. Out of state runs: Seattle Rock n' Roll

14. Total miles ran: 356

15. Favorite motivational/inspirational quote of 2013:
There will come a day when this is not possible... Today is not that day

16. Lessons I've learned: 
I've learned the body is an amazing vehicle!  It is capable of WAY more than you think possible.

17. Injuries I battled and overcame: 
I managed to stay injury free this year!!!  Just the usual 'niggles'...

18. 3-5 Most inspiring people: List their blog, twitter or instagram-wherever you follow them:

19. Favorite place on social media to connect with runners:
Daily Mile

20. 2 goals for next year:
Follow a training program including interval & speed days!
Improve my PR/PB 


Tracy said...

Nice! You are an inspiration.

Allison said...

You are seriously so incredible. I definitely look up to you, and there are times that you've totally inspired me to get out there and run, so I thank you for that, my dear friend!

Angie Vik said...

I'm always amazed by your love for racing, as i'm not fond of running. Good for you for having a good racing year. It's fun to look back on how far you've come in a year. Keep up the good work.

Nicolasa said...

FINALLY getting a chance to read and enjoy this! I love your inspirational quote and was excited to be able to finish the sentence when I first started reading it! I love my magnet. I love my Brooks Ghost shoes! Thanks for linking up! said...

Thanks for the brief history into your running! It's really amazing how hard-working and persistent you are. I'm really obsessed with the idea of running, but sometimes, I feel awful and give it up. It takes time to make myself work on it. Thanks for inspiring me, Leslee.
A lazy runner - Irene Fenit