Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"Broken" Wing

I say "broken" because it is not broken actually!!!

I have been pushing through 'tennis elbow' for about a year and since all other treatments have failed, surgery was the last hope!!! Never played tennis!! The doc said that 75% of his patients with this diagnosis have never played either!!! Actual cause is definite repetitive motion; data entry, 10-key and typing...

Since this is a slow time at work I chose now for the repair. I tried preparing by practicing using only my left hand/arm for simple tasks; not so easy!!!!

Here is a list of tasks that I have found pretty difficult:

* Brushing teeth (I have since purchased a battery powered brush)

* Cutting meat during meals (thanks to my Fireguy I will not starve as he cuts my meat)

* Using scissors!!!

* Drying your hair; I'm accepting the flat look for now since this task is just impossible!

* Last but not least...blowing your own nose!! I'll be honest... there is no cure for this one! You really need both hands to be effective!!!! Anyone able to prove me wrong??? I welcome your help/comments.

I should only be in the cast for another week and begin rehabbing until the first of the year ~


Tracy-Girl said...

what a bummer... but at least you have a great family to step in and help :)

New England Girl said...

OUCH! Tennis elbow is no fun. I am glad your family is helping out, and I'm super happy to hear work is slow right now and you won't have to overburden and stress yourself. Happy Recovery! xoxo.

just us said...

Oh man! Thats no fun.
My dad just had bicep tendon surgery. He's in a cast right now. We've been helping him out. He's in the middle of moving too. :o(
Times like this it's great to have family around. We so easily forget how nice it is to have all of our limbs. :o) I hope you're not in to much pain. . . and you have a quick recovery.

Angie Vik said...

This probably isn't a good time of year to not be running on all cylinders. We tend to take our bodies for granted until something goes wrong. Bet it was hard to cook a Thanksgiving meal. Hope you had a nice time anyway. Hope it gets better soon.

Rita said...

Get well and enjoy some down time.