Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Milestone week-end...

A short four years ago I was actively running and participating in 5k race events. I had become very comfortable with running and enjoyed it. My daughter Erin had begun running while attending grad school and it became one of the greatest times we shared!! We would get up early on run days, drive to the location and sit in the car under blankets, reading the paper and talking about strategies for the days run.

This Sunday, almost 4 years ago to the day, Erin & I ran in the local run "Nutrition Fuels Fitness".

We each had a great run that day and were excited to share the news with my Mom. She had been diagnosed with melanoma six months earlier and we made sure to visit her each week-end that Erin was home from school. It was this very day, early evening that my Mom was called to heaven.

I ran in only two races after that day and have struggled with exercising in general since. I have found joy in exercise again and the drive to push myself to be the best that I can be.

This week-end Erin & I will again participate in the "Nutrition Fuels Fitness" run. It will sort of be our memorial run in honor of my Mom.

Think of us this Sunday morning and send a lot of energy my way - I say me as a 10k run for Erin will be a piece of cake! Hehehe... I am really glad that we can share this special time again!


Mrs. V said...

Couldn't stop thinking of that day this morning on my run. I know each run since that day she has been with me at some point in some little way.
I ALWAYS choke up at the beginning of races, especially when I run by my Mar-mar and see the pride in her eyes. I will have that pride in my eyes and heart for you, I know you will be great....
We're pretty lucky to be able to share this weekend, I can't wait!

Tracy-Girl said...

I am sure it will be one of the most thoughtful races of your life. I know you will both be wonderful. She is definitely an angel.