Sunday, July 18, 2010

MY 1/2 marathon - Part II

Just a short follow-up to my "Part I"...
I'm still in awe of what I have accomplished!
In awe of my mind, body and spirit..
Words simply cannot express all that
flows through you as you cross the FINISH LINE!
All of the early morning training runs, all of the stretching,
motrin/acetamenophen (HA!)
the mental struggle and the anticipation was SO worth it!
To see the smiles on the faces of my family,
the "we're proud of you's" -
ALL so worth it!!
My beautiful medal... I'm very proud of it ♥
At the pre-race expo I was SO excited to meet up with an amazing young woman...
Frayed Laces (AKA Laura) is one bad a$$ chicka!!
Brooks is one of her major sponsors and she was at the expo
promoting Brooks' products.
Not much down time for this little lady
as she is training to compete in the
Ironman (that's 70.3 miles) series
triathlon in Kona Hawaii!!! I'm telling you,
she is simply a.mazing!!
Check out her blog and you will see what I mean...
So sweet of her to take the time out and
visit with dear daughter and I!!
She was very supportive and she even saw me at mile 1,
yelled out MY name and sent me loads of encouragment.
I was super honored as I had only chatted with her
as a bloggy friend and met her this one time,
yet she remembered me
and picked me out of the crowd...
Here is the sign that dear daughter made for her Momma!!!
D.D.Y.A. is "Don't Doubt Your Awesomeness"...
Dear daughter & I got this phrase from "Frayed Laces"...
She is SO inspiring with her sayings!
My entire family was at mile 6 waving signs and
ringing cow bells as I ran by!
It was so emotional for me,
but I was VERY happy to have them there.
Love U guys ♥
Well, that is my wrap-up of my first 1/2 marathon!
I continue my training for my next 1/2 in Ocotber
and will report updates as I can!
Remember to RUN HAPPY!!!

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