Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Eclipse

The Retired Fireguy and I agreed to stay awake
to see the lunar eclipse
(way past our bedtime but it is a once in a lifetime event!)

The weather was very clear and very COLD!!
I bundled up and wrapped in a blanket while
The Retired Fireguy opted to watch from the spa...

I learned ALOT from this little photo shoot
and am very glad I gave it a try!

This is the gorgeous full moon about 10:30PM
The earth's shadow beginning to cover the moon - about 10:50PM
This was perhaps half way - around 11:15PM
At last... The lunar eclipse!!! This was about 11:35PM


Tracy said...

Great job!!!

Mrs. V said...

Wow Mom, that is REALLY great!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures of the eclipse are beautiful. Thanks for sharing, I missed this amazing event and was so happy you posted pictures. I posted the recipe for the marble cheesecake
Merry Christmas to you and your family (Erin, that means you too honey!)

Jenn said...

Oh how nice it would have been to live in California on this night. I set my alarm for 2am to get my picture. Sheesh...I was sleepy!