Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Did it AGAIN!!!!

Another half marathon, 13.1 miles...
# 3 in the books!!

Awaking Sunday morning at 4:30AM following
the time change was the first challenge of the day...
We arrived at 5:30AM with plenty of time to spare,
allowing me time to prepare for my run.

I had time to meet up with some running friends
Shelley & Tracy and we chatted about our
individual game plans.
I had a tough week prior with an ITB issue,
so I knew that this race was going to be more
than just a mental challenge,
I would be pushing my body harder.

I had a really good run until about mile 7, that is when my
knee began to tell me it wasn't happy with me!
It was about this time that Dear Hubs
caught up to me on his bike.

DH rode along with me on the course for about 4 miles
and did a great job distracting me
from my knee with random stories
and pointing out sites!

Here I am about mile 9 "RUNNING HAPPY"...
I finished 10 minutes ahead of my goal and achieved
a personal record for the half marathon.

My finish time was 2:20:48!!!
Not bad for this 50 year old lady!!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Not bad!? NO... EXCELLENT! I was so happy to see you on your final stretch! You are an inspiration! Awesome Job, Leslee!!!

Jenn said...

Holy cow!!!!!!!!! That is absolutely AMAZING Leslee!!!!! You are awesome! What a kind and thoughtful hubby to distract you when your knee started bothering you. You rock!!

Angie Vik said...

I'm greatly impressed. Good for you. Way to set a goal and then go for it. You're doing great for a 50 year old. When I participated in a cross-country ski race last month the 50 to 59 year old age group had the most participants. There were even three 70 year old women who skied at least twice as fast as I did. Hope your knee is okay.

Mrs. V said...

Gooooooo Mom!!!!! So very proud of you! xoxo

Bridgette said...

You go Leslee!!!!! :) I am proud of you!!!!

Marathon Lar said...

Wow...I had no idea you were running a half marathon as we were partying it up in Vegas! Awesome job!!

Anonymous said...

you rock!!! love the outfit too.