Monday, September 7, 2009

Apple Hill time ~

Each year on Labor Day weekend Apple Hill opens here in Northern California!!

Apple Hill boasts more than 50 ranches including Christmas tree growers, wineries, a micro-brewery, Spa and vineyards. Bring the family to find a day filled with old-fashioned fun. Plan a picnic on the lush land that surrounds these exciting ranches.

Each year we visit a couple of times to gather apples and have chosen our Christmas trees here too! Of course we always enjoy the yummy treats from the bake shop!!!

This is what we chose on our first trip:

Then the process begins:

Which winds up in the dryer; The Fireguy makes trail mix with them :-)

And I make Apple Hill cake with the remaining apples:


Rita said...

Sounds like fun and the apple creations look soyummy.

Mrs. V said...

That Apple Hill Cake looks....YUMMY!