Saturday, September 19, 2009

Otter 'love'

Been absent from the blog-o-shpere since 1) I had a little PC hard drive issue and 2) my Great White Hunter (GWH) returned from a two week trip to Idaho & Montana. I try not to spend alot of time on my laptop when he is around; so as you can imagine I was a bit pre-occupied!

So now that the GWH has returned I can tell you how much I miss having that guy around! It is a typical trip for me if something breaks, stops working or disappears when he is gone! This has been the case for several years. This year did not disappoint; however I did catch a small break as the garage door broke a week before he left! The tree limb falling in the backyard very close to the spa started things off well... The biggee was this: I was in charge of mowing the yard for two weeks; "the mower must be pulled" he tells me on one of the many 'love notes' we leave for each other when he leaves. I thought that I would pull on my big girl panties and go BUY a new one; I wasn't going to be PULLING a self-propelled mower!! The two nice men at the Home Depot unboxed it and put it nicely in my trunk - It was up to me to get it out at home!!! Remember my big girl panties???? yeah, well I was able to maneuver it out by myself; not heavy just awkward. TaDa!!! So proud of myself... Even mowed the lawns that night! Next morning... yep, stiff neck!! Lovely... Had two days of neck spasms as my Doc (daughter) was not available to see me. I spent the remaining days until GWH's return sitting around with ice/heat and the tens unit connected to my neck. Lesson learned ~

I really don't mind the time alone, although I miss that guy like crazy! It allows me time to think, read and BLOG!!! Hehehe...

In honor of the GWH's return I offer you this: saw this over at Kris' place and had to share; it was just so heart warming!

Me the big lovestruck sap... Hope you enjoy it and be warned...
you WILL have an AWWWWW moment at the end :-)


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Leslee!!! first of all that video is A.Dor.ABLE!!!

I will have to see about keeping that for a future post! (Hm...dont know how, but will figure that out later haha)

(oh, haha another thing in common...I also try not to be a computer "potato" when my hubby is home, awake or watching something like I try to catch up on blog reading, etc early in the morning or during the week, if I am not working. :o)

I found myself smiiing while reading this post...good for you and puling on your big girl panties! lol but sorry that your pulled neck muscle was the result!

My hubby is retired now, but when he was an Army aviator... those deployemnts and training missions were a constant...missed him so much...but did love the homecoming and reunions!

Blessings & Aloha!
(thankyou for stopping by, your sweet comments and also your email :o) I am now a follower too...although I really try to "quit" finding any more great blogs, since I try to read every post of every blog on my dashboard...and whew! hard to do, now that I am working more :o)

katie said...

The otters are so cute! I'll have to share that.

just us said...

When Dusty was in the Academy I found that everything started falling apart and I had to take on MORE chores than I wanted. Like you said. . .even though its nice to have "us" time. . .its always better to have them home.
So glad you have your man back. :o)

Rita said...

Love the cute.