Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend wrap up & Garden help!!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! It was another warm (high 70's to low 80's) weather weekend here in Northern California.

We began the weekend with attending a retirement gathering for The Fireguy's Battalion Chief. Fireman Mike devoted 32 years of service to the department and is now enjoying more time with his family and get's to care for his grandson several days a month. It was so special getting to spend the evening with such amazing friends!

Saturday I spent the day marking off items that are on my pre-vacation to do list. The Fireguy was at a local man made lake teaching water rescue which allowed me time to get so many things done. I am a list maker and feel such great accomplishment striking things off the list. I also had the great task of shopping for and purchasing an early Christmas present for my husband. I finally got him to agree that he would enjoy a netbook!! He can check his email from work and perform research on the internet while he is away from the house. I had a blast setting up the netbook for him so that he could take it to work with him!

Sunday I was on my own again as the Fireguy was on duty. Once I finished up the normal housework I was able to sit out on the patio and enjoy the lovely weather!! I finished up my 'travel folder' for our upcoming vacation which brings me great happiness. Doesn't everyone have a travel folder? Don't you carry around itineraries, car rental information, hotel confirmations and assorted other trip information??? Hehehe...

While I was in the yard I came across my 'mystery plant'. I originally thought it was a rogue squash plant, but there is something growing on it that IS NOT a squash...

It looks like a pod of some kind

The pod is SO heavy, I have to prop up the plant or it falls over

Anyone have any ideas what this is??

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