Saturday, October 31, 2009

What are the best Halloween costumes you've worn or seen?

Share what made you laugh or cower in fear?

I am not a huge Halloween fan ~ I really enjoy seeing the small children in their cute costumes but find myself annoyed by the older/teen-aged trick-or-treaters.

Perhaps my lack of excitement for Halloween stems from me missing my Mom... My parents used to come to our home every Halloween as Mom loved to see the trick-or-treaters. She would open the door for every bell ring and gladly handed out candy.

This year since the Fireguy is working I will be snuggled up in the back room watching a movie - Perhaps one day I will be excited for this holiday again, but until then I prefer to spend it quietly ~

Enjoy your evening everyone and BE SAFE!!!


katie said...
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Bacardi Mama said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. The cutest costumes I've ever seen were my grandkids last night, ages 3 and 1 dressed like Snow White and Dopey.

Bridgette said...

Saturday night I saw this little boy (he was 2) dressed like a vampire. He even had long hair(his real hair) pulled back in a ponytail. He was SO cute!!!

katie said...

Sorry... I'm not quite sure what happened before. But my favorite costumes have always been ones that my grandma made when I was little. Home made ones just seem to be the cutest... especially when they are on little kids!