Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Washington Christmas, but no SNOW!

The Fireguy and I took one of our famous 'road trips'!! We had the truck loaded with Christmas gifts and the turkey fryer and a turkey! I have brought you a couple of photos documenting our visit. Hope you enjoy them...

We had wonderful weather for the 676 mile trip up North to Washington... No snow on the roads, but can you beleive how gorgeous Mt. Shasta was?? Just a light dusting of snow and bright sunshine ~
The morning that we left for home the truck windows had these snowflake like crystals all over them! Guess that was as close to a White Christmas that I will get. They really were so pretty!
Don't laugh! These things really work ~ The Onion Goggle!! I'm sold ~
Hard core fry cooks! Brrr....

The brave fry cooks!!
My Son picking the bones clean...
We boiled the turkey carcass and made broth for future use

Dad & Son giving the water heater a winter coat

Tommy & Linds and their first Christmas tree
Tommy's home illuminated
Although a short trip, I was so happy to be able to go! It is always nice to see with your own eyes how your kids are doing...
I continue to rehab my elbow/arm and started back at the gym this week!! It feels so good to get out and be active again ~ I am making my way back to full exertion, but I still have a few limitations. I have another month off of work, and am confident that I will be be at full speed by then.
I've also kept myself busy by baking for the holidays - another blog, another day!


New England Girl said...

What a wonderful trip. :) We were just talking about onion goggles the other night - so funny to actually see them just days later! :) The home looks beautiful and your son looks so happy... which must make you happy! :)

Katie-K said...

What a great trip, Tommy looks so happy! I didn't know onion goggles existed, that is a good idea!

Rita said...

How fun and wonderful to get to take this trip and be with your son and his wife for their first Christmas. I'm sure it was fun for them getting their house decorated and ready for parents to visit.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Angie Vik said...

I bet your family really enjoyed getting to see you. I understand what you mean about liking to see with your own eyes how they're doing. It's nice to see them in their own environment. And when you're talking on the phone and they mention they're in a certain room, you can visualize it and know what they're talking about. Hope your arm continues to get better.

Kelly's Ideas said...

It looks cold.... I would love to fry up a turkey - thanks for sharing.

Merry Christmas to you