Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Surgery recap and current status

I have been vascilatting on whether to blog about this, but that's what this blog is for! It's my life, my journey... So here goes!

My surgery went well, with the surgeon finding the probable cause for my discomfort and felt positive that my future results would be good. As seen in a previous post, I had a 'cradle cast' with lots of padding and gauze. Three ace bandages completed my trophy... I was also given a sling, which I found most helpful in carting that heavy thing around! I wore it sparingly around the house (mostly because I sat around alot!) but if I did go out I was sure to wear it! I have taken no pain meds and felt it was just more inconvenient than anything!!

Yesterday the doctor removed the cast and clipped a couple of stitch tails. I have not seen this type of wound closure; rather than the stitches being tied in knots on top of the skin they are dermal! No stitches to be seen...

The purple color is what is left of the doctor's markings!! Sure hope this all washes off... HA!!

I am out of work for 6 weeks!! No workie until at least Jan 18th!!! Yikes!!! I have a bit of self therapy to perform as my elbow is still able to fully extend and my wrist does like much movement right now either. I am limited to short periods of 'repetitive motion', meaning I can't live on my laptop!!! Dang... Guess I'll finish up some of those books ~


Rita said...

So glad you shared your experience...and more importantly, it's good to hear that things seem to be going well. Relax and enjoy some down time. I know it must be extremely inconvenient.

Nicolasa said...

I am glad things went well. Rest up and enjoy those books!