Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Bells and Cooking trials... Plus a new title!

Our little boy is taking a bride!!!

♥ Bubba proposed to his Lindsey ♥
Our future daughter-in-law is such a sweetheart -
She has the cutest laugh and a kind spirit.
Best of all, she makes our boy happy :-)

We consider ourselves lucky to have her in our family.

Since the kids had already planned a trip home this weekend, dear daughter (Sissy) and I are throwing together a small engagement party for them!!

Our Bubba loves him some dark beer, and Sissy found a recipe for CarBomb cupcakes!!
I went right to work to make a batch of prototypes...

The recipe is laden with an Irish flair which is right up our alley too!!

The cupcakes came out great! I did not take a picture of one cut open, but they each have a little genache filling inside! The flavor is fantastic, they're moist and will definitely be a hit!!

The frosting is sweet, so I would not put too much more than this on each!

In other cooking news I have been keeping busy trying out recipes..
~ Chicken Parmesan ~
~ Pasta Carbonara ~

~ Coq Au Van ~
This turned out extremely well, but I did not take an after picture!!! I'll let you imagine by seeing all of the ingredients...

My dear daughter recently received her board certification from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties as a Neurologic Clinical Specialist!!
This weekend she has been invited to San Diego, CA where she will formally recognized for her newly achieved specialty!!
- We are so proud of you Sissy -
She & her prince charming will be off on a mini vacation...

which means I get to dog-sit my favorite Grand-Dog!!!
I think that about brings y'all up to speed on what has been happening around here!!


Cathy said...

Wow! You sure have a lot of fun things going on at your house! Congrats on the new degree and the new bride-to-be. The food looks amazing, too. You are one busy lady and you have some gorgeous kiddos. I'll just take a cup of icing, please! :)

Amanda Lynn said...

Congratulations again! So exciting!

Katie-K said...

What an exciting time! They look so happy together! And those cupcakes look delicious : )

Angie Vik said...

What good news. How fun. How exciting. Congratulations. Hope the engagement party goes well. The chicken and carbonara look great. Kudos to you for trying new recipes.