Thursday, February 18, 2010

10k Training update #2

At the beginning of this year I began training for a 10k (see here).

I have now been training for 6 weeks and here are my statistics -

Timeframe = Jan. 18 - Feb. 17, 2010

Running ~ 47.86 miles

Cycle ~ 77.81 miles

Other Fitness (Walking, elliptical machine, rollerblade) ~ 28.6 miles

Update #2 training miles = 154.27 with a combined total of 221.98 mi for 6 weeks of training !!!!

I have been an occasional runner for about 6 years and can now say with pride that I have run my farthest distance ever; 6 miles! I will make another jump this weekend to 7 miles, which I am looking forward to for the challenge. It is supposed to rain this weekend, and I will have house guests, but since it is family and they all support me & most run also we may just have a group run! SO FUN!!

I have been plagued by what appears to be plantar faciatis and have been working on calf stretching to relieve that issue. For the last week or so I have been having discomfort in my hips... May be age, but since it started when I increased my mileage I'm thinking that it is more training issues. So far, none of my issues have kept me from training so I will continue to stick to my schedule.


Kelly L said...

Well done - my husband and sister both have plantar faciatis and they have special inserts that does wonders...

You are my new hero!

Love to you

Angie Vik said...

Wow! I'm so impressed. For me, running does not feel good. I like using an exercise bike or the treadmill. Good for you for setting a goal and making progress. Keep up the good work.