Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back to work, no really... For now!

Sorry for the onslought of posts, but I am behind and need to catch up!!!

Serioulsy, it was not this bad, but I had to laugh at what I thought it would be like...
The doc released me to full duty (no restrictions) and I returned to work on February 24th.
The jury is still out on whether my surgery was a success, as he offered me a 'cocktail' shot (lydocain, dextromethoraphan & something else) so I basically am not being bothered by the pre-surgery sysmptoms. Before the shot, I was still having the same symptoms I had before the surgery!! I suppose we are testing out how long the shot lasts and then to see if the pre-surgery symptoms are still evident!
Fortunately, I had a job to return to... Unfortuntely, the district that I work for will be handing out 'pink slips' to 1/6 of the employees!! Most of those notices are in the certificated (teachers) sector but alas, I was informed by my supervisor that there is someone that is looking taa position elemination that can bump me per union bumping rights..
I have not shared this with my family (other than The Fireguy) as this has come up too many times!!! I feel like the boy who cried wolf!! I really don't like to worry my family so I will wait to see how this all pans out... Prayers would not hurt, I suppose!!

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Brittany said...

I'm sorry Leslee, just reading this and keeping you in my thoughts in hopes that your job is spared. These are such scary times for everyone, one cannot help but feel blessed to have a job, home, and their health. Keep us updated!