Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New England Bloggers!!! I need your help!!!

Hello dear New England bloggers !!!

I know you are out there and Alicia over at New England Girl gave me great hopes that you could help me out...
My daughter will be running in her first Boston Marathon in April!!!
We are making it a family vacation (4 will be arriving from CA and 2 from WA state) and we will be in Boston for 5 days! Aside from the marathon on Monday we have all registered to run this 5k...
we'll also be taking in a Red Sox game!!!
I am looking for touristy sights to see ~
Great places to eat ~ Any comments on these two restaurants??
Gennnaro's 5 North Square
We will be staying at the InterContinental hotel on Atlantic in Boston. We understand that the hotel is in the financial district and close to public transit. Hopefully there will be plenty to see close by.
Looking for a little guidance, I sure would appreciate the assistance!! Thanksomuch...


New England Girl said...

Definitely ask Kristen from Scrappin' My Bliss - she is a native of the area and will be an awesome help! I will also post something on my blog to direct some people this way... hopefully someone will be able to help! I don't know Boston as well as I should, but eeek... I'm from the other side of the state. :) I am SO excited you're coming though!!!!

Cathy said...

WOW! Go, girl and good luck to all of you runners. Can't wait to hear how you finish. I'm impressed!