Sunday, November 7, 2010

Helen Klein 50k Running Classic

Yesterday dear daughter ran her first ultra marathon
(50k = 31.1 miles) ~
Anytime you run over the standard 26.2 miles of a marathon
it is considered an ultra...
Erin has completed several marathons and even completed

back-to-back weekends of marathons; which granted her access
into the elite runners group of “Marathon Maniacs”!!

The fun started with a surprise for Erin...
Erin's brother Tommy & his fiance' Lindsey
arrived from Seattle Friday evening!!!

Upon leaving her home for the early morning drive to the event
Erin found this sign at the end of her street!!
It was then moved to the front lawn of the house to great her
after the run... Thank you Larry!!!
(a fellow runner who 'gets it'!!)

Dear husband rode alongside daughter Erin for about 10 miles
to keep her company and to share motivational quotes ♥
Further along the run brother Tommy and
husband Chris rode with her too!

About mile 20 was another surprise for Erin...

Here she saw the entire cheering section for the first time!
She had no idea how many family & friends would be there
to cheer her on!!!
We had hand made signs and plenty of cowbells as she raced by!!!

Future sister-in-law, also a runner was cheering loud!!!
The cheering section had a small tailgate party...
Erin would be coming back by this location after completing
1/3 of the run or an hour an a half...
It was a gorgeous day and we enjoyed the social time !!

Here is our runner at about mile 25...
Looking awesome!!!
Husband Chris (and biggest supporter!)
was encouraging her to take in salt & fluids!
Erin wanted to bring her Bella across the finish line,
but she needed a bib!
Brother Tommy assisted me in making a little bib for her!!

Chris had run out to deliver Bella to Erin
so she could cross the finish line with her...
Here they are headed to the finish!!!

Erin and Bella crossing the finish line...
5 hours - 2 minutes - 33 seconds!!!!
She did it!!!

After logging her time officially...
Erin is overcome with emotion,
she was so humbled by all of the
love & support!!!
At the end of the day... Erin finished FIRST in her age group!!!!
We had a great gathering after, complete with pizza
and brownies!!! We enjoyed kicking around the events of the day
and watching a little college football.

The weather was perfect for the run, Erin had a fantastic event
and she was surrounded by much love & support...
You amaze all those that know you Erin,
and it is WE who are humbled by your determination, drive
and love of life!!!


Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

What an amazing accomplishment! She is an inspiration to us all!

Stacy said...

What a great story! Your family is so very blessed to be so close and so supportive of each other.

And again, congrats to Erin...superrunner! :)