Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Oh My Aching Head...

I'm cutting back on caffiene...

Trying to see if this helps my sleep habits.
Although I only consume 8-12 ozs. a day,
I feel I am dependent on caffiene ~
I LOVE the taste of coffee!
I love the smell of coffee...
I love having my morning coffee.
What I don't love is the fact that I get a headache
when I don't have my daily cup!
I recently bought 1/2 caff coffee grounds
in an effort to wean myself slowly - Guess what!
My body knows I am missing 1/2!!

Indeed, I am having headaches, but they are nothing
like what I have encountered not having any caffiene.

So wish me luck as I continue my attempt !!


Mrs. V said...

Good luck! As for me, I'm keeping my one cup of coffee =)

Mimi said...

You brave, brave lady!!
I don't drink much caffeine, but I know that headache and would not face it voluntarily.
I too love the smell, taste, thought and anything else you can think of, of coffee!
Do let us know how you go.

Jenn said...

Oh you are doing better than me!! I used to NEVER drink any caffeine. Now I drink 2 cups of coffee a day and sometimes a coke for lunch. I really need to cut back. I would probably feel so much better. I hope you do well with this. Maybe the headaches will go away quickly as your body adjusts.

Bridgette said...

Good luck! I know how you feel though. If I don't have my Diet Mountain Dew I have major headaches. I drink way too much of it! :)