Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our own Food Network... Love to Cook!

It was a rainy weekend here in the Central Valley of California and so after a trip to the annual anniversary sale at REI (WOW!!) the Fireguy and I prepared to hibernate.

While he put up his new tent in the front room I began my cooking marathon. First up were chocolate chip cookies; I think I have a really fantastic recipe and enjoy making them. Next I decided to try my hand at a BBQ sauce; this turned out better than I expected and was so impressed that I will make it again next week-end for the Mother's Day BBQ. We enjoyed the sauce Saturday night for dinner on leftover London Broil. YUMMY !

Sunday I used some of our sourdough starter to make bread bowls and had enough left for a 'baguette' (picture above). Although the bread bowls did not rise enough to make a true bowl, we enjoyed them just the same... I also made my very first batch of pesto! So simple and so good. All fresh ingredients certainly make a huge difference in cooking. We spread a bit of the pesto on the warm baguette... WHOA ~ I can't wait to try the pesto on pasta; oh and you can freeze it too!

We are really having a blast watching Food Network, gathering recipe ideas and daydreaming about the Bed & Breakfast or local diner will run one day ~

You will probably be reading a lot more about our cooking escapades since we do a lot of it!!

Hope you all have a great week!


Mrs. V said...

Remember to include your chit-lins in your dedications of your cook book :P

Vicki said...

Yuuuuuuuuum! Fresh pesto is the best(o)! :)