Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day - 2009

I'll start by wishing all my blog readers who are Mom's a Happy Mother's Day tomorrow! May you be surrounded by loving family and friends and enjoy a bunch of great food.

Mother's Day is an odd time for me - since my Mom passed. Our extended family usually gathered on Mother's Day Sunday and I always felt so special! My kids have always been super about celebrating their old Ma on this day and I loved having a special day that I could show my Mom how much I appreciated everything she did for me. After my Mom passed I recall the first Mother's Day as it approached and feeling very angry that I had no one to celebrate. That same year I turned the day into a special day about me & my Mom and my kids 2005. I will remember that day forever; although my kids may have been bored out of their minds it meant more to me than I can probably express to have them with me. Now on Mother's Day I rub her tattoo a bit longer and I celebrate that she gave me life and was a wonderful role model as a Mom.

One of the songs I suggested to be played during the video presentation at my Mom's Celebration of Life is below. To this day brings out such warm emotion each time I hear it. I originally heard this song and knew the artist was signing about me!! I chose the song since I'm sure Mom felt the same way about my Sister & I.

So, in your honor Mom on Mother's Day, here is our song ~ I hope that I continue to make you proud each and every day.

I Love You Mom ~


just us said...

Happy Mothers Day!! I hope you have a GREAT day tomorrow.

Snyderfamily said...

Aren't mom's so wonderful? I love that song too...happy belated mommy's day to you!