Saturday, May 23, 2009

What two cities should be closer together?

Funny that this Plinky question comes on the heels of my recents Seattle post, but what are your thoughts???

Obviously, I would vote for
Elk Grove, California and Seattle, Washington to be closer together!!!

I could have the best of both worlds; the sun of California and lovely greenery from all of the rain that encompasses Washington ~ OK, OK!! You got me... and yes, I could see my son more often :-)

Coming in a close third would be Maui, Hawaii ~


Dblstks said...

So I do not mean to poke fun, but I believe it asked for what two cities not states! I see where you were going with that.

"Call me a cab"
"ok, your a cab"

Is my new favorite saying now.

Leslee said...

Sorry for the goof up! The error has been taken care of... Thanks Bubba