Thursday, April 16, 2009

Far from a blank screen

Got to thinking the other day about my tattoos -

I really did not realize how many I DO have until I put them all together!!

My tattoos all have a special and particular meaning to them:

My zodiac sign was my first and obviously shows my devotion to Leo the Lion

The Bird of Paradise was next - With the main flower representing my Love, Steve and the anthuriums for my two kids.

Next came the dedication to my Mom; the Whales. This is actually a copy of a painting that she painted for me and my awesome tattoo artist replicated them perfectly. I got this one on Mother's Day 2006, my first one without my Mom. I was blessed to have both of my kids there which made it even more special.

I added the hawaiian leis on each side of the bird of paradise. I love Hawaii, does that show??? It was at this session I had Steve's name redone in a fancier font ~
Erin & I got our first rib cage tattoos together in 2008. The purple color represents my Mom's favorite color and the orchids were from Erin's wedding. The one picture shows both Erin & I after our tattoos healed.

Following in suit, I got the next tattoo to match Tommy's; the hummingbird is for Mom and the Pacific Northwest Haida tribal art represents Tommy's new home. Note the picture taken on mine next to Tommy's.

Feeling out of balance, I had the other rib cage done in 2008. Again, following the hawaiian floral theme I had the artist draw up a bunch of hibiscus and plumerias.

If you hadn't noticed, I have the best tattoo artist around! She does such a great job and really sees my ideas!

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Mrs. V said...

Wow, what a cool collage! I am still curious where you will put the next, you are running out of space :-P
♥ u

Dblstks said...

That collage is pretty neat. I better start catching up ;)