Friday, April 10, 2009

Fiscal Crisis Averted

I dropped a few hints via Twitter that concerned a 'fiscal crisis' and thought I would update.

Two weeks ago I was told that due to the CA budget crisis one of the school district programs may be cut. That would in turn allow another employee to bump me from my current position.

I am not a stranger to this sort of thing since in April 2002 my position with my then employer was cut. I held a management position, no union and had no bumping rights... no where to go - but out the door. I had been a loyal employee for 16 years! At the same time my position was cut the Company also lost other employees which collectively had over 100 years of experience and committement to the Company. But I'm not bitter... The Fireguy and I decided that I would lay low, reflect on my life and decide where I would go and what I would. I was given a six month severence package and had intended to enjoy the down time. I was 42 and needed to start over in the workforce!

After two months I became very antsy and wondered 'what if a great job is out there and I am just letting it pass by???'

I was happy to secure a position with the local school district at the district office in August 2002. Unfortunately, after only 8 months there were again layoffs at the school district and I was bumped! I had not held any other positions within the District so I had no where to go... but out the door! Bah!!! Thanks to the Union I was placed on a re-employment list and performed some substitute clerical work within the District.

I chose not to wait on the 'list' and in January 2004 I was awarded another position, this time at a school site. The school was brand new and I would be in charge of the scheduling for middle school students. This was completely out of my comfort zone, but involved computers & new software and I caught on very quickly. I found out that working with students just wasn't my cup of tea (don't know how my Mom did it for 25 years!) but hung on until a position in the same department at the district office that I began in opened up. How cool would that be!?!?

Luckily for me I was hired back at the district office in my current position in December 2005. I love this job!! It is a very busy desk, but I always know that I will have something to do and it keeps me busy all day long!

Fast forward to current time; I was again in jeopardy of being bumped by another employee that had held this title back in the 90's... Seriously, do I have a target on my back or something??? I could go on a rant about how poor performing employees are not given proper evaluations and perpetuate this sort of bumping ritual or the people that take their jobs entirely for granted but I will not bore you with all of that.

Suffice it to say that I seem to be getting very good at dodgeball and have once again averted the unemployment line. The program in question proposed a five-year plan with adequate funding and was removed from the chopping block, thus saving me my job. Sure, this time I would have been able to bump back down to my school site position, but I really did not want to have to upset someone else's world and keep the domino effect going! YIKES!!!

In closing, let me remind each and every one of you that a job is a gift not a right.


Amanda Lynn said...

Well I am glad you got to keep your job! They're very lucky to have you! But you are right we all need to be very thankful for the jobs we do have in this economy!

Tracy-Girl said...

My goodness... I am glad you are going to be able to keep it. That must be scary when there is that uncertainty. I agree with Amanda, they are lucky to have you.

Mrs. V said...

No matter have ALWAYS taught us that keeping your nose to the grindstone will get results and appreciation!