Saturday, April 4, 2009

Can't wait to try her out...

As mentioned in a previous blog I had been searching for a bigger, better, faster camera.

With the help of the Internet and some blogger friends I decided on this:

I had done a lot of research on-line, read reviews, etc. and finally decided that the best price was going to be at Costco. I even went in and drooled on it one day, but without being a member I was not able to buy it. Besides, I wanted to make sure I had the Fireguy's blessing before making a large purchase!

Since things can often become complicated, I was not totally surprised that when we went to make the purchase two days after I saw it in store, they were out!! Yup, had just sold the last one... Luckily, they had five left in Rancho Cordova. As I mentioned, we were not members and went in knowing we would pay the membership fee, purchase the camera and still come out price wise very well. I pull out the debit card to make the purchase and am DENIED due to my financial institution having a dollar amount purchase limit per day/transaction!! Of course it is now past business hours and I cannot contact them to have this cleared. Since I do not carry a checkbook we decide to put the purchase on our VISA, but oh guess what... Costco only takes 'their' American Express credit card ~ We head back to customer service (who by the way were very patient and understanding!) to apply for the American Express card.

Fortunately, this all took less than 30 minutes, but seriously...

Good news is I have my new camera and I am slowly making it through the instruction book and can't wait to post some new pictures!

Feels like Christmas:


Tracy-Girl said...

Enjoy it! So happy for you! Keep it close on trips.. Ours was stolen today right out of our hotel! Bad day :( but you deserve that camera- glad you did it!

just us said...

WooHoo! You are going to love it!!! I can't wait to see your pics.