Monday, July 6, 2009

Light Up Dress

Any of you that know me and have spent any time around me know my obsession with electronics! I ran across this spify little number that I seem driven to own ~

Here is the story on the dress:

Every time your cell phone rings, your dress also lights up to let you know you've got a call. Well, you and everyone else.

It's the work of British fashion student Georgie Davies, who worked with Sony Ericsson on ways to merge technology and chic trends. "When you're in a mall or 'superstroe', you can never, ever hear your phone," Davies to Reuters. The solution? A short-sleeved, knee-length white dress that's covered shoulder-to-hip with translucent scales that move and blink. Davies plans for the dress to incorporate Bluetooth technology so that it can wirelessly interact with phones.

This would just exemplify my draw to geeky fashion, no?

Photo found here LIGHT UP DRESS


Mrs. V said...

What if you are shopping outdoors and you do not SEE the dress light up? What if you are so intent on your shopping you do not notice the dress light up?
I suppose the people pointing and staring at you might clue you in ;-P

Snyderfamily said...

OMG that is so funny! Start a new trend! :)

Kelly said...

I say go for it!