Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Trips

This weekend we will embark on another of our famous 'road trips'. Our daughter will join us as we head to the Pacific Northwest to help our son move into his first home.

Dashboard foto found here

Road trips for me began when I was young and my family made our annual trek to Wyoming for my Dad & GrandDad to deer hunt. Road trips continued as both of our kids played competitive sports, so we spent a lot of time on the road traveling to various games/tournaments. I was able to see parts of Washington, Utah, Nevada and Southern California!! Seems rather ironic that although the kids have grown we still spend time on the road to visit... All about family, tho' right?!?!?!?

I really enjoy road trips with The Fireguy - We have some pretty amazing conversations and have surely solved world problems several times over...

I'm wondering what are your recollections of road trips? Funny stories, nightmare long hauls..


just us said...

Dusty and I used to make many-o-trips to the Northwest also. We were only 18 and we would drive 12 hours plus to WA. I have tons of GREAT memories from "those" days. One time we hit a bad snow storm and spun out. Pretty funny and scary. I LOVE road trips. . .even if/when the girls get carsick and throw up bc of Dustys driving. Love it! LOL.

Tracy-Girl said...

He is moving in.... how exciting!!!!

New England Girl said...

I loooove roadtrips! And I have done some that will stick with me forever. They are the best, aren't they? The most memorable was quite painful! Driving back from Maine, I was riding passenger and trying desperately to stay awake so my friend wasn't driving alone. I had propped my foot up on the dash, my elbow resting on my knee and my palm cupping my head. Somehow, I dozed off for a second, my elbow slipped and I ended up with a nice big bruise on my forehead from making the connection with my knee. My friend and I laughed SO hard... only to have it happen again about 15 minutes later [except this time my forehead hit the window]. It was certainly one of the more memorable moments. :)

I hope the move goes well! Have fun!! :)

Leslee said...

The move went well! No head butting the windsheild, but I will post some photos and a story soon!