Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heaven in a brick of cheese

My dear sweet is a man of many talents! He loves
to BBQ and has a very large smoker. He has been referred to as the King of anything BBQ'd & smoked!! Hehehe... A couple of Christmas' ago he received a cold smoking tray. I could not see how ANYTHING could be smoked and not melt. Believe me, I was proved wrong... He has perfected smoking blocks of cheese in such a fashion that we cannot keep cheese in the house. He is now receiving blocks of cheese from our daughter and son-in-law to smoke for them! Today at the market with cheese being on sale we stocked up! Also an amazing kitchen appliance that is a must have; The FoodSaver... The cheese will stay fresh and aromatic for weeks in the fridge YUMMY!!!!!


Amanda Lynn said...

YUM! I want some smoked cheese, you're making me hungry!!!

Dblstks said...

I cannot wait to have my house smell of the smoked cheese :)