Friday, July 3, 2009

More home projects

This summer The Fireguy and I have been working at getting some projects completed around the house. Last month was the room makeover and now we have two more scratched off the list!

The largest and most in need was to re-roof! This one was definitely NOT a DYI project... We had it done which took about 10 days. We went from a 20 year old shake roof to a 30 year guarantee tile. The tile has a bit of green color to it and we really love it. We have already noticed how much cooler the house stays!!! The pics are rather weak (taken with iPhone not new camera...), but you get the idea.

The second project was to update the flooring in the guest bathroom. Here we went from 20 year old linoleum to a pergo flooring that resembles tile. I have to admit that I did not help much on this one. The Fireguy did most of the work while I was slaving away at my desk (HA!!!). I did have a big part in choosing the color of the tile and the new baseboards. :-) Brings a much needed update to this room.

I think it is safe to say that I am pretty comfortable with our projects for the time being. I have small updates that I am working on, but nothing of the magnitude that we have been doing.

Now, to sit back and enjoy the rest of the summer ~

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Mrs. V said...

I for one, totally love the front bathroom new floor! The roof, IMHO, is fantastic as well :)