Sunday, June 14, 2009

Nothing too exciting, just a little info ~

After last weekend it was nice to not have much on our calendar this weekend! We spent most of Saturday on small projects in the backyard and purchased all the material for our next project; we are laying laminate flooring in the guest bathroom, I'll post more on that later! The Fireguy has a busy schedule this week but we hope to have the project complete soon. My goal was to have it completed by the time Tommy & Lindz visit in August, so I'm sure we can make that happen!!

Speaking of Tommy, he has begun the quest of searching for a home in Washington. This whole empty nest thing has been challenging for both Steve & I as the finality of your kids REALLY leaving the nest is hard to adjust to. Steve is having many symptoms of missing his dear fishing/hunting buddy as it becomes a reality for him that the days of spending time on the river fishing and the early mornings laying in the mud hunting ducks is merely a fond memory. We are sure that there will be many more fishing/hunting trips in their future but they will be few and far between. Guess that makes them even more special then, huh? Luckily, we have several pictures of those crazy outdoorsmen and a new room to display them in :-) The report on the first go-round of house hunting was as I recall it to be. You expect to walk in to the first house and it be everything that you had hoped & dreamed it would be; everything that you wanted. Well, notsomuch!! Luckily, Bubba is in no hurry to buy, but now is an amazing time to be a buyer... Patience, my son ~ you WILL find the perfect home. We certainly look forward to helping him move and making that his new home... Although, just so he knows... he is ALWAYS welcome at his old home anytime ((((HUGS))))


Dblstks said...

Found a couple more houses that caught my eye today. Look forward to checking those out soon.
Certainly think about those hunting & fishing trips as well.

Brittany said...

Yes, although fewer and far between, the memories will be very fond. I have been away from my parents for about 9 years now, it's VERY hard to believe. But luckily we keep in touch frequently and SW has cheap flights! Good luck to Tommy finding a house, Seattle is such a great place to make a home!