Sunday, June 28, 2009 weekend

For those of us in the Sacramento Valley who experienced the hottest temperatures of the year this weekend, welcome to Summer!!

My weekend was set up to be another full one; my Grandmother's 90th birthday party and a bridal shower for my Nephew's fiance. I had been led to believe that my son Tommy could not get time off from work and would be unable to make the birthday party. I was very understanding as I knew that he had to take several days off for our Hawaii trip, but still dissapointed. Last week had my mind occupied on other house projects (blogs to come!) and I had put the entire issue to rest.

SURPRISE!!! Guess who shows up at my door Saturday morning??? Yep, yep, yep... My Bubba!

Look how happy I am!!!

Evidently, my entire clan had this plan in the works for some time! Erin & Chris had picked him up at the airport on the way to EG - The sneaksters !!! I do love surprises tho'! Following a re-application of my make-up we were off to the 90th birthday party. Aside from the extremely warm weather it was a super party. My dear Grandma was in great spirits, alert and smiling. The Sweetest moment was her speech thanking everyone for coming to her party, then she said a prayer/made a wish before blowing out her candle.

My Grandma and Erin & Tommy

My three kidlets - Tommy, Erin & Chris

A swim party at my Dad's followed clean-up which felt wonderful and it was nice to visit with my Sister and her son (in from Idaho!!) Returning back to the house I found it so full of bags, clothing, suitcases, dogs and the sound of love!! Erin & Chris spent the night, which had a fun twist; our A/C had a hiccup!! We fortunately had enough fans for everyone, but great timing, no??? Ah, it added to the memories :-)
Sunday I was able to fix breakfast for the family and we hung around in the kitchen yaking away the morning. Erin & I set off to attend the bridal shower leaving the boys to fend for themselves for a couple hours.
Since Mikuni is a favorite for us all we had a nice relaxing meal before it was time to pack up our Bubba and send him back to his 'home'. I have traveled that stretch of I-5 so many times to/from the airport and it never seems to amaze me at how lonely some of the return trips can be...
As I sat at home Sunday evening and listened to how completely quiet my home was again I found myself smiling! I felt so fulfilled, so complete and so satisfied that I have such a loving family. We may have to spend time away from one another, but when we are able to reunite we have the best of times.
Thank you dear family for an weekend ~

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