Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Signs of Spring - Part II

Another sign of Spring is the clink of baseballs & softballs off of aluminum bats.
Since the time both of my kids were 7-8 years old we were at a either a softball/baseball practice or game easily three nights a week. If we were lucky, we were also at games on the week-ends too!
Since the kids are grown I realize how much I miss sitting in the bleachers or on a lawn chair rooting them on. Both of the kids were blessed with amazing athletic skills and were so much fun to watch play a sport they felt so passionately about.
Erin began playing first, obviously being the oldest. She, her Coach and the rest of her team allowed Tommy to be the bat boy for a couple of years until he was old enough to play himself. I'm sure that it was during this time that a very special bond was born between my two kids. Tommy would sit on the bench in the girls dugout and watch the game so intently; learning. When it was his turn to take the field for his own teams he took that knowledge and built on it. He was watched from the bleachers by his Sister; she too learning. There were many after game 'briefings' in our kitchen when the two kids would break down their games, each offering support and suggestions for the other.
Steve & I have taken in a couple of friends' kids ball games, it is so much fun to reflect on what a great family experience it was for us! I'll have a separate blog on some of those stories...


Mrs. V said...

Waaaaaahhh, geez. As I walked by the freshly mowed fields in the neighborhood I was sad not to have anyone to go watch. What FANTASTIC memories we have of those times :)

Dblstks said...

I saw a commercial the other day for tryouts. Mens baseball tryouts for a league in the Puget Sound area. One of these years I might have to check it out.