Saturday, March 21, 2009

What gadget is at the top of your wish list?

I have been vacillating for some time on getting a new camera -

Mind you, I am not a photographer nor have I taken any photo classes I just LOVE pictures - GREAT PICTURES!!

I have done a bit of research on different cameras and which ones offers which features. My head was really spinning and still is over the information and I have yet to make a decision. Although I have it narrowed down to two I am struggling with the weight of the equipment. My thoughts are to be able to take this camera hiking, boating, etc. and I am concerned about hauling around a camera + lenses. I realize that 4-6 pounds isn't all that much but I have also taken some pretty terrific pictures with my iPhone that slips in my pocket! Not to mention our digital camera that is about the same size as my phone has given us some great shots.

So what say you? What gadgets are at the top of your wish list? What would you suggest I do?


Mrs. V said...

Well, I will take the bait. For 2+ years I have drooled over MacBook. I hope some day I can get one ;) I too would love a great camera. I ssay go for it. 4-6 pounds isn't too much and me thinks the activities you mention have lots of chances to set it down, or take it off your shoulders....kinda like a purse :P

Tracy-Girl said...

TL and I just got a brand new camera for our travels in the coming year. We got a Canon Rebel xsi and it is wonderful! its a bit big, but the pictures it takes are really priceless. We ended up getting the extra zoom lens (his mom bought us the actual camera) and it was so worth it. Its big, but not too heavy, and if you get the right camera bag you dont have to worry about hurting it! ill put some wonderful pictures from it on my blog for you soon!

Tracy-Girl said...

new gadget? forgot to say it... its not really a gadget, but I really hope to purchase a new Louis V bag soon... I love mine, and I have had it a year! :)

Leslee said...

Interestingly enough, the Canon SXi was one of my two choices! I have been watching prices and found one on Amazon ~ Thanks for the nod :-)

P.S. A purse is a woman's gadget!!

just us said...

I just got a Cannon Rebel in Feb and I LOVE IT!!!! I was afraid it would be to big also (with me having 4 monkeys to tote around) BUT its NOT. Its GREAT! I take it EVERYWHERE! I just carry a bigger bag/purse now. :o)


Charlie, Cristin and our boys! said...

Hey Leslee, I hope it's not too late to give my two cents. I too, just purchased the Canon EOS Rebel XSi and I LOVE it! It takes amazing pictures, and we found the best deal at Costco which included lots of great extras, including the case AND *BONUS* the additional 55-250mm zoom lens! Seriously, the camera has become my new baby! Good luck with your purchase. :)