Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shamrockin' Half Marathon

Steve & I woke up early this morning (4:45) to head to Raley Field. Our mission was to cheer on Erin & Chris as they ran today! Here they are before the race; the weather was a bit chilly and overcast, but no rain!! After seeing them off at the start line we headed to mile 6 (Tower Bridge) to see how things were going. At that time they were only about 5 minutes apart.

The finish line was full of anticipation as we waited for both to arrive on the playing field of the stadium. Raley Field is our local AAA baseball team field and is kept up very well!

Erin arrived with a finish time of ~1:35 with Chris coming in shortly after at ~1:45! Here they are after finishing and then we were off to a yummy breakfast at Capital Garage!

So proud of you two!!

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Mrs. V said...

Cheers to the best fans! Not only that but, breakfast was SOOOO yummy!