Sunday, March 8, 2009

The signs of Spring ~

Most everywhere you look around town you will see the most gorgeous white blooms on several trees, including three in our very own backyard. I have to wonder how something so pretty can emit such a pungent odor??? I am reminded of many early Spring days sitting on the patio with our little family and my daughter would actually gag at the smell! Although we adore the shade of these same trees each Summer, we must endure their foull smell first!

More signs of Spring include the smell of freshly cut grass! Our neighborhood was filled with neatly groomed lawns as they were given a much needed mow this weekend. The Fireguy has been very diligent with fertilizing over the Winter which shows today!

Many of the local 'big box' hardware stores are displaying patio sets, umbrellas and awnings. We looked and looked for replacement chair cushions today but came up short. I may need to resort to internet purchases or (gasp) making them myself!!


Mrs. V said...

Ah, I just gagged...thinking of the smell ;-P

Tracy-Girl said...

I love spring!