Monday, August 3, 2009

MckLinkey Blog Hop #5 - ENCOURAGEMENT

This weeks Blog Hop theme is Encouragement! We found an LDS cassette tape (yes I said cassette!) that we enjoyed listening to back in the early 80's! I hope you enjoy my submission!!

Accentuate the Positive!!!

The way you look at a situation has a lot to do with how you respond to it. It's the old question of whether the glass is half full or half empty. A little creative thinking and a concious effort to see things in a positive way can turn things around. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary. A stumbling block becomes a stepping stone.

In 1985, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a short cassette tape that focused on helping people with feeling positive. The twenty-minute tape was a creative presentation of the idea that "disappointment is an unavoidable fact of life," but that "it can aslo be full, and rich and wonderful, if you don't let the bad times rob you of hope." "There are lots of ways to deal with disappointment, overcome problems and bounce back from the hard times. And there are lots of ways to find the hope that you need to carry on. This tape is a collection of thoughts, ideas and music that can help you bounce back."

MckLinky Blog Hop

MckLinky Blog Hop


confused homemaker said...

Very true, looking at what's going good or is positive can really make what is overwhelming seem manageable.

the brown couch said...

Hey, hoppin' by to encourage you today! I've got a button for you at my blog


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Great glad that I stopped by....Have a great day