Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Back to work... NOT!!!

Yesterday was my first day back at work following my tennis elbow release surgery. I had been off work since November 20th and was quite excited to return to my normal scheduled days!!

When my boss came to me after reading my Doctor's Release that stated NO repetive motion, she asked "why are you here?" I suppose I should have read the note!! DOH!!! After a call to verify with the Doc, it was decided that I had to return home for another 6 weeks! My job IS repetitive motion; I'm an Accounts Payable Technician.

I will continue to rest my arm, go to physical therapy and train for my 10k!! I am working on talking The Fireguy into running a half marathon as a team!! I think that I could do 6.5 miles by March???

The weather has been awful here in CA, so I am also busying myself with movies (LOVE The Redbox)!!!


Amanda Lynn said...

I am so sorry you don't get to go back to work! That's too bad! Well you'll have to let me know if you see any good movies. My mom said Accidental Husband was pretty cute.

Mrs. V said...

I vote yes on the team half-marathon. That would be awesome:) Sissy will be there with bells on!!

Kelly L said...

Bummer - personally I would see as many movies as I could and enjoy quiet time.
Your blog is beautiful

Love to you.