Thursday, August 20, 2009

Family wedding weekend

I had a fantastic weekend with my little family!!

My Nephew Joey got married and Tommy was the Best Man ~ Joey and Tommy were born 31 days apart and have been the best of buddies!

Tommy & Lindsey flew in Friday morning and stayed until Monday evening. We had the best time; we always do!! Erin & Chris were here most of the time and my house was filled with so much LOVE!!! I cooked as many meals as I could as it makes me happy to cook/bake and have my family all sitting around the kitchen and family room!

The wedding was held at my Dad’s house and was so lovely – The weather turned a bit cooler days before which made the event even more perfect.

~My Nephew Joey and his new Bride Ashley ~
~My Son gave a great speech ~

~ My kids ~

~ I love this guy~

~ My amazing family ~


New England Girl said...

Awww.... what a wonderful time!! I am so glad you had a good weekend- and the photos are beautiful! :) It must be so nice as a mother to welcome your whole family back into the home for these special times. I'm happy you had a lovely time with everyone. :) Thanks for sharing your weekend!

just us said...

How great that you got to have all your kids back home. I know I'll definitely be looking forward to those times when all my girls are grown and gone.
Your family is BEAUTIFUL, BTW!!!