Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Gratitude Campaign

Have you ever seen one of our military men/women walking past you and wanted to convey to them your thanks, but weren't sure how, or it felt awkward?

Recently, a man created a gesture which could be used to express your thanks and has started a movement to get the word out.

Please everybody take just a moment to watch..... then check out


New England Girl said...

I saw this some time ago and was overwhelmed by it. I love the fact that people are reaching out to members of the military that they see, in such a simple, sweet gesture. Stuff like this always makes me cry. I just can't help it.

just us said...

Thats so great. Thanx for sharing. I'm excited to teach my girls to say "thank you".

Transparent Mama said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog. It is so great to meet you.

I love this idea and will be puting it into practice. I have a friend who, if he ever sees service men or women eating in a restaurant, takes care of their bill.